Girl Next Door to Princess!

Our story began in 2003. Savvy fashion designer (of course with a real degree in the UK), now the indisputable lady boss of CQDY.SHOP, Ellie Tuna aspired to running a brick-and-mortar store selling Customized Quince Dresses in Yorkshire (CQDY, if easier to remember), and only ended up becoming a design-centric manufacturer of Dresses, Costumes, Swimsuits and Accessories for Girls.

Albeit the change of heart, the name brand has since been passed down, abbreviated, and applied to our cute girls’ clothing line of world’s envy.

8 reasons why moms and nanas will fall in love with what CQDY.SHOP has to offer when it comes to online shopping for the finest children’s fashion garments.

1) Endlessly chic, diverse in color, created with lush fabrics and available across a wide range of sizes, CQDY girls outfit collection brings fashion right to your little cuties.

2) Designed in-house, handmade in-house, gift packaged in-house, and shipped from our fulfillment networks in The US, The UK, and China, CQDY controls the whole manufacturing process, and you own the unparalleled shopping experience.

3) While leading a team of 155 at our manufacturing facility on the eastern coast of China, Ellie is not letting her design talent rusted and she would always dive into the very specifics. It’s amazing that most of the time she is found at the showroom sorting fabrics and drawing design drafts for the next hit out there on the market.

4) Your little one got what she saw. CQDY owns the copyright of each and every product photo. It uses real model girls dressed up in our dress styles made in-house.

5) Shopping is a breeze. You will find on CQDY.SHOP an unrivaled gorgeous collection of girls outfits, accurate size chart, free gift packaging services, easy-to-use navigation, and fast, secure checkout.

6) Your personal information is protected 100%. CQDY.SHOP is safeguarded with advanced double-layer encryption and it is GDPR complied when it comes to use of your personal data.

7) Fast worldwide shipping. CQDY is quick in production turnaround and it ships orders to more than 200 countries and territories with major credible carriers.

8) 100% SMILE guarantee. CQDY makes sure whenever you wish to seek recourse you will have the responsible services accessible with only just an email sent to us.

Happy shopping, everyone!


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